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2023 Election: Who Rocky River Scoreboard Supports

Rocky River Scoreboard supports candidates who are committed to

  • close budget oversight,

  • continuing excellent public services and schools at reasonable cost,

  • maintaining public safety and promoting traditional values,

  • improving housing values and

  • encouraging small businesses and commercial development.

Andrew Vitaliti- Council At Large

Andrew Vitaliti’s Background.

Andrew Vitaliti graduated from Cedarville University with a B.A. and from Ohio State University with a M.B.A. He has worked as a Legislative Aide at the Ohio legislature and at Nationwide Insurance. He now works for a large professional services organization.

Why Andrew Vitaliti is running for Rocky River Council-At-Large.

  1. He wants to continue our tradition of excellence in Rocky River and ensure that our community is a great place to live, work and play.

  2. He believes that his unique background of both private and public sector experience and skills will be a great asset for this community.

  3. He loves living in Rocky River and wants to serve the community.


Andrew Vitaliti’s Priorities:

  1. Economic and Community Development- He wants to continue searching for and providing these great commercial and recreational opportunities to everyone so that we can all continue to enjoy living in Rocky River

  2. Parks and Recreation- As a Council at Large Member, he wants to maintain and enhance our parks to make them even more enjoyable to our residents.

  3. Public Safety- He wants to maintain the city's strong track record and keep crime out of neighborhoods. He also wants to ensure that residents have a safe community where they can drive, bike and walk without fear of an accident.

  4. Financial Stewardship- Using his business background and my analytical skills, he wants to be a good steward of taxpayer money, making sure that it is spent wisely. He also want to continue to maintain Rocky River’s strong credit.

  5. Senior Living- As your Council at Large Member, he wants to be a voice for our seniors on City Council, and to ensure that all the seniors are having their needs met.

Andrew Vitaliti

Maggie Nash-
Rocky River School Board

Maggie Nash

Maggie Nash's Background.

Maggie Nash was born and raised in Rocky River. She graduated with Honors and was Co-Captain of the Swim Team. Maggie has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Cleveland State University, and works as the Director of Clinical Services for Stepping Stone Behavioral Health.


Why Maggie Nash is Running for School Board.

  1. Parental Input- During the pandemic, Maggie realized how little control parents have over the decisions of the school district. Rocky River is excellent not only because of our teachers, but because of our parents. Their voices should matter when it comes to their children’s education.

  2. Excellence- Maggie is proud of her own experience and traditional education in Rocky River schools. She wants to help Rocky River Schools become even better while maintaining strong fiscal responsibility.

  3. Personal Experience With Educational Challenges- Being the parent of a disabled child, Maggie has first-hand experience of the IEP process and how to strengthen a parent’s voice in their child’s education. At the same time, she has appreciation for the value of what committed teachers can bring to the educational experience. Maggie also cares deeply about any student who is marginalized, including students with disabilities.

  4. Professional Experience With Drug Treatement- Drugs have become a major challenge and danger to society, especially to today’s youth.  Maggie has been deeply involved in treating addiction in her professional life and believes in the importance of keeping our schools drug free and focused on positive mental wellbeing for students.

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