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Rocky River- One of America's Safest Cities

  • One of local government's key responsibilities is ensuring public safety. Compared to most cities, Rocky River has a very low crime rate.

  • Based on FBI crime statistics, Rocky River's 2020 crime rate was only about 331 per 100,000 residents, compared to about 2,400  per 100,000 for Ohio.

  • It ranks best among all West Shore communities and about 3rd in Greater Cleveland. Neighborhood Scout's crime index rates the city better than 91% of US cities.

Rocky River Crime Report

City of Rocky River 2019 Revenue & Expenses

  • Rocky River's total revenue and expenditures in 2019 were over $35 million or $1,700 per resident.

  • The largest sources of revenue were income taxes ($16.3 million/47%/$810 per capita) and property taxes ($8.3 million/24%/$411 per capita).

  • The largest current expenditures were for security ($10.2 million/29%/$507 per capita) and general government $5.8 million/16%/$286 per capita). Capital outlays for 2019 were $8.0 million (23%), reflecting investment in a new police station.

Revenue & Exp- 2019

 What Services Does Rocky River City Government Offer?

Rocky River's 2019 audit report provides an overview of many of the city's operating indicators for its services. Over a five-year period (2015-2019), the city provided the following in an average year:

  • Police department responded to 617 motor vehicle accidents.

  • Fire department had 27 building fire calls and 2400 emergency medical calls.

  • Municipal courts handled nearly 12,000 criminal and traffic cases.

  • Refuse department collection nearly 10,000 tons of garbage.

RR City



Explore with a Data Viz: City Revenues & Expenditures for Cuyahoga & Lorain Counties

The data visualization is a comparative analysis of 2018 city revenues and expenditures for 46 cities in Cuyahoga and Lorain counites based on city audit data compiled in the Hinkel reports by the Ohio Auditor. 

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