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How Does the City of Rocky River Tax & Spend Its Resources?

  • Rocky River's total revenue in 2022 was $46 million or $2,275 per resident. Total expenses in 2022 were $35.5 million or $1,758 per capita.

  • The largest sources of revenue were income taxes ($21.7 million/47%/$1,072 per capita) and property taxes ($10.0 million/22%/$497 per capita).

  • The largest current expenditures were for security ($10.8 million/30%/$535 per capita) and general government $5.9 million/17%/$294 per capita). Capital outlays for 2022 were $6.7 million.

2022-Rocky River Rev-Exp
Rocky River Revenue & Expenses
Rocky River Per Capita Revenues
Rocky River Per Capita Expenses

 What Services Does Rocky River City Government Offer?

Rocky River's 2021 audit report provides an overview of many of the city's operating indicators for its services. In 2022, the city provided the following:

  • Police department responded to 509 motor vehicle accidents.

  • Fire department had 21 building fire calls and 2700 emergency medical calls.

  • Municipal courts handled about 6,700 criminal and traffic cases.

  • Refuse department collection about 8,500 tons of garbage.

Rocky River Operating Indicators

 How Is Rocky River City Government Staffed?

The City of Rocky River employed 201 persons in 2022. Forty-four worked on general government activities, 35 for the police department and 30 for the fire department.

Rocky River Government Employees Chart
Rocky River Government Employees

Rocky River Capital Assets

The annual audit provides a summary of the buildings, vehicles, infrastructure and other assets required to provide city services in Rocky River.

Rocky River Capital Assets

Rocky River Crime Trend (2016-21)

From 2016 to 2021, total major reported crime averaged 84 per year with ahigh of 97 in 2021. Violent crime average 7 per year and property crime 76. The most common crime was larceny/theft. 

Rocky River Reported Crime Chart
Rocky River Reported Crime

Rocky River- One of America's Safest Cities

  • One of local government's key responsibilities is ensuring public safety. Compared to most cities, Rocky River has a very low crime rate.

  • Based on FBI crime statistics, Rocky River's 2020 crime rate was only about 39 per 100,000 residents, compared to about 240 per 100,00 for Ohio.

  • It ranks among the best among all West Shore communities and about 3rd in Greater Cleveland. Neighborhood Scout's crime index rates the city better than 91% of US cities.

Neighborhood Scout About Crime in Rocky River
Rocky River and Cuyahoga County Crime Rates

Hear About Rocky River's New Police Station

Coming soon- video explaining why new police station was needed and how it was funded .

Coming Soon

Rocky River Police Station

Rocky River City School District: One of Ohio's Best Districts

Rocky River's school district is consistently ranked among the top school districts in Ohio's proficiency tests. The excellent schools are one reason why Rocky River is a very attractive suburbs for families.

Key Government Documents & Information

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