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Key Facts About Rocky River City School District

  • 2,700 Students

  • 185 Teachers (FTE)

  • Median Teacher Salary is $80,857, 10th highest in Ohio.

  • Teacher experience and percentage with masters are substantially above state medians.

  • District ranks number 2 in Ohio in average proficiency on 21 state tests.

  • District received overall grade of "A" on state performance criteria.

  • Total district revenues (Genl Fund- 2019) was $42.1 million.

  • About 82% of total revenue was raised by property taxes. Average property tax share in Cuyahoa County was 56%.

  • Total expenses were about $14,900 per student. Per student expenses were above state medians but slightly below average in Cuyahoga Count.

Rocky River School District Logo
Rocky River High School

Rocky River Schools Proficiency Test Results

Rocky River School had excellent results on the Ohio proficiency tests. The district ranked second overall in Ohio with an average score of 93 on the state's 21 tests, The district scored in the top 10 on seventests for 3rd-5th graders, 6th-8th graders and 9th-12th graders. To see how Rocky River compared to six other districts in the West Shore, click on the PDF report.

Rocky River School Proficiency Test Results
Rocky River SD-West Shore State Proficiency Test Rank

What "Grade" Did the Ohio Dept of Education Give Rocky River SD?

The Ohio Department of Education "grades" local school district performance based on 15 criteria. Rocky River School District received all "A's", which tied it for first place with Chagrin, Solon and several other high-performing Ohio districts. Click on the PDF to see more detail.

Rocky River School District- ODE Grade

Rocky River School Districts Teacher Salaries & Credentials

Rocky River Teacher Salaries

Rocky River SD has 185 teachers serving a student body of about 2,700, or 14.5 students per teacher.


The average salary of Rocky River teachers was $80,857, which ranks 10th highest in the state.


The average Rocky River teacher has more experience (18 years) than most Ohio teachers and more have Master's degrees or more. Click on the PDF to see more details.

Rocky River is 20th largest of Cuyahoga County's 31 Public School Districts

Map Cuyahoga School Districts

Rocky River School District has about 2,700 of Cuyahoga County's 138,700 public school students.

Chart Cuyahoga School Enrollment & Teachers
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