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History of Rocky River

  • The first permanent settlers of Rocky River arrived in 1810 and settled into what was then known as Rockport Township.  In the nineteenth century a series of bridges spanned Rocky River, but it remained predominately an agricultural community but served as a resort for Clevelanders.

  • When it became a village in 1903, it had about 1,300 residents. After the incorporation, construction was begun on the Rocky River Bridge, one of earliest, large concrete arch bridges in the country.

  • Even with improved access, Rocky River grew slowly until the housing boom after the Second World War. By 1960, its population was nearly 19,000 and Rocky River was incorporated as a city.

Rocky River Welcome Sign
Rockport Township-1876
Rocky River Population

Key Facts About Rocky River 

  • Population - 21,510  (Median Age - 46.2 years)

  • Population under 18 - 22.4% (US 22.2%)

  • Population 65 yrs & over - 24.2% (US 16.8%)

  • Education - BA Degree+ - 62.4% (Pop. 25 yrs & older) (US 33.7%)

  • Total Households - 9,670  (Average size-2.2 persons) (US 2.6)

  • Households with a computer - 93%  Internet - 89% (US 93%/87%)

  • Median Household Income - $83,929 (US $69,021) 

  • Population without Healthcare Insurance - 1.8% (US 9.8%)

  • Population in Labor Force - 65% (16 yrs & older) (US 63%)

  • Mgmt, Business, Science or Professional Occupations - 59% 

  • Total Housing Units - 9,844 (Owner-Occupied - 71.3%) (US - 64.6)

  • Median Value Owner-Occupied Units - $272,100 (US $244,90

  • Source: USCB, QuickFacts (2021)

Rocky River Clock Tower

Rocky River Business Profile

Old River Shopping Area
Rocky River Business Profile

Detail from the American Community Survey

city of rocky river logo

The Census Bureau provides annual updates of communities like Rocky River through American Community Survey. Click on the icon to see more detail from the current American Community Survey data for Rocky River and a comparison to Metro Cleveland.

Rocky River Population Profile

How is the population of Rocky River different from the US as a whole?


Compared to the US population, Rocky River has more older adults and fewer college age persons and young adults.


Rocky River has more non-family households and persons living alone, and fewer family households and single parents


Rocky River has a higher level of educational attainment with more persons with Bachelor's Degree, Grad Degree or Prof Degrees.


Rocky River has a higher level of educational attainment with more persons with Bachelor's Degree, Grad Degree or Prof Degrees.


Rocky River has more workers who work at home. Among commuting workers, over 80% drive alone to work. 


Rocky River has more workers employed in mangerial, professional and related occupations and fewer in sales, service or production occupations 

Rocky River Demographic Profile

What Makes Rocky River a Great Place to Live for Families & Persons of All Ages?

The video explores some of the reasons why Cleveland Magazine and others consistently rate Rocky River as one of the area's top suburbs.

Rocky River Labor Market

Rocky River Labor Market

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Rocky River City School District: One of Ohio's Best Districts

Rocky River City School District Logo

Rocky River's school district is consistently ranked among the top school districts in Ohio's proficiency tests. The excellent schools are one reason why Rocky River is a very attractive suburbs for families.

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